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I love ballet .. May 30, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

It was party time on Saturday night. A 40th birthday no less for my mates girlfriend, in their rather plush mansion in the country with a fish and chip van in the back garden for catering .. top that!

The theme was 'pink', so my 'I love ballet' pink peak cap, nail varnish and pink hair spray should have gone down a treat, but .. everyone else played the safe card and wore a shirt/dress/t-shirt/body warmer in a shade of pink as opposed to over doing it and looking stupid like me .. but I was comfortable with my decision..

It was a very good party too. A fair few family members played their part, including Uncle Melvyn and his mad-cap antics on the dance floor providing entertaining chat and laughs all evening.

The late night just got later and later though, and big thanks to Mr Ely the designated driver taking us home .. I'd hate to have to communicate with a drunken version of me as all I can do is be giggly & amorous, poor bloke had a three of us all in a similar state too, he must have some brownie points with karma by now..

I vaguely remember my last trip to the bathroom and seeing broad daylight and hearing the morning birds singing at me. Suffice to say, Sunday was a full on hangover from the Planet Feellikecrap..

Happy Birthday Jane.



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