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Chewing out a rhythm on my bubblegum May 21, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Reviews.

Two films for two occasions over the weekend. I watched March of the Penguins with my kids on Saturday night, with the best popcorn money can buy. I hadn't grasped the fact that the film was a National Geographic production having only seen the trailer berfore. It is a great film that has some incredibly emotional moments and some amazing photography. It was also really pleasurable to watch a film that both myself and children (and the next door neighbours) enjoyed that didn't involve fighting, swear words and car chases <that being their preference, not mine, I hasten to add in an ageing parental, Mary Whitehouse kinda tone>.. although having said that I wouldn't know a Penguin swear word even if I had the phrase book.

The second movie was punk rock indulgence. The Ramones – The True Story was a little short on deep insight, and also only catered for the first six or seven years of their career, but the subject matter is great entertainment regardless – I was wondering why only Tommy was interviewed from the band themselves, but then figured it might be because the rest are dead .. doh .. figures .. but the majority of the film was dedicated to Tour Manager and Art Director respectively, and whilst they had a tale to tell, it was hardly going to tell more than a casual flick through a text book.. The live footage was ok, but they over used a picture in picture format that didn't aid the viewing experience & must have only benefitted from making the grainy quality, less so in the smaller box .. I don't mind the grain, give me full screen please .. I have the End of the Century DVD on order, so hope that that will be a little more fulfilling .. Gabba Gabba Hey ..



1. Ria - May 21, 2006

like you I didn’t realise March of The Penguins was a National Geographic Production but thoroughly enjoyedthe film, I’m sure Morgan Freeman gave it the magic touch!

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