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Corsa craziness .. May 19, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Reviews.

I have had a hire car for 3 days and driven a total of 4.7 miles in it. Aren't I the eco-warrior.. My car was being fixed after being crumpled by the man at the filling station & they sent, at my request, a Corsa .. I am not much of a 'car' person, as is proven by the fact that the car that I wanted most to try out was a Corsa .. enough said .. it was good fun though, a bit like a spongey sofa come go kart (I can see a career on Top Gear coming on), but perhaps 4.7 miles isn't the best trial period.. It can however out 'Top Trump' nearly every other car in the cup holders category, as is proven at a recent band reheasral when compared to the Audi TTs paltry zero.

No, the real reson for lack of car use is the summer weather and the joy of Vespa .. Mmmmm .. who needs a car .. ahh well me actually, as the kids refuse point blank for me to get a side car attached to the scoot .. Mr Trent will be pleased to hear that I even did my weekly shop on two wheels this week, and took full use of the 'bag clip' that Mr Piaggio kindly introduced for such occasions – you don't get one of them on a 1000cc mega zombie grunt machine now do you!

Took a trip to the Cinema last night. It was one of those 'there must be something decent to watch' moments that deflated on impact. The choice was pretty poor, being an Audrey fan I would love to see Da Vinci in an edited guise of just the parts she is in* .. but thats unlikely to happen and it really does look like an awful film..

* actually that is very likely to happen but I just daren't do the necessary www search for fear of where it might take me.

A British Comedy is usually always a fairly safe bet, and with a contemporary cast of sit-com characters, Confetti was where it was at for us ..

In truth it was a good choice. The plot; a wedding magazine competition for the most original wedding. The cast was great and it was like watching an episode of Green Wing and Spaced merged into one. Some great one liners with Stephen Mangan, aka Guy Secretan, stealing most of them. Mark Heap was great just because he is Alan Statham in Green Wing and its hard to think of him as anyone else .. Not the best film in the whole world ever, but a very agreeable diversion & thankfully, no codes to crack ..



1. JEly - May 19, 2006

Wait a minute Mr Clive “I-Know-everything-guitars-and-no-I-don’t-use-as-much-moisturizer-as-I-should” Watling! My Audi TT has TWO cupholders – as you well know when trying to get your arse over them whilst trying to get into the roomy backseats!!!

2. Reevo - May 19, 2006

You couldn’t help yourself could you…the only thing I had on you all was having the best car…well when you have to swap it back for your Beetle chassis mock up (this goes to you too Mr JEly!) I’ll still be rocking the 3 cylinder wondermobile…Back on top where I belong.


0-60 in 18 seconds…beat that!

3. Mickey - May 23, 2006

Sorry about the sniggering at lunchtime Clive. I couldn’t help myself when you parked the scooter in a disabled parking spot! Quite appropriate! Although normally I’d be reprimanding you for doing such a thing. One of my pet hates that!

4. stagedive - May 23, 2006

Thanks Mickey – wasnt sure if you meant Scooters were a pet hate, in which case you lack style, but we knew that .. or Disabled people were a pet hate, and thats just facism .. Its a parking space of a guy I work with and he's good enough to let me park my shopping trolley on the edge, without a disabled sticker I hasten to add.

You know you'll want one when you grow up 🙂

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