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What’s the point in Robbery? .. May 12, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts, Music.

I am in the get fit for summer mode at the moment .. they gym has been frequented 3 times this week, possibly a record for one so young, & whilst it might not last to achieve the definition of 'fit', I am already feeling slightly healthier .. although the appointment with pizza and a few too many beers this evening might counter act the previous credible efforts.

My ipod failed again on Wednesday, but I have the better of it. I'm not sure Steve Jobs designed it that way (or that clever English guy that actually designed it) but if I drop it from shoulder height onto a carpetted surface it springs back into action .. thankfully .. I'll add that to the apple.com FAQs ..

I got into an album by the band Metric, whom I know very litlle about but the girl singer has a great voice and I think they come from NY, via Canada. They are very MTV friendly, but worked well in the gym. I worked out for soooo long <halo adjusted> that I needed a second album to flow with ..

I had recently got a nostalgia trip of an Adam & the Ants best of .. oh boy, I'll take some stick for that, but it was a great listen .. the songs from Dirk wears White Socks hold up really well – I can remember singing 'Cartrouble' in primary school with Tim Keeble (where is he now?), not sure how the hell I got to hear the record as I didn't buy it myself but it's very new wave, possibly the first credible record (open to debate) that I had heard .. the rest is brilliant pastiche pop which was great when I was 10 (I still remembered all the words to Dog Eat Dog) & then the staggering dip in form that was the solo period – and a decline into instability. 

In hearing Stand & Deliver, I did realise that it really is a pretty awful song & doesn't stand, so to speak, the test of time .. but it did remind me of how literally I took lyrics even at that age. I can remember taking & quoting the line 'What's the point of Robbery, if nothing is worth taking' when my mother was trying to persuade me to go on a camping trip with a moth eaten tent, hot plastic and dead spiders .. I near demanded a new tent otherwise I wouldn't go .. in the sense that 'what's the point of going camping, if you've got a crap tent thats old and smells' .. not very rock and roll .. what an idiot! I was only 10 but no excuse. Suffice to say I went, & didn't get the tent. I don't recall my Mum having a decent case to argue against the point and with hindsight, bless her, she hasn't a history of intellectual debate, but she stuck to her guns and told me what I was doing & .. I did it. Perfect parenting, case closed.

If my son, now 10, starts quoting Gorillaz lyrics at me in an analgous sense, I know what I'll be doing .. telling him that I'm the dandy highwayman who you're too scared to mention .. sucker ..



1. JEly - May 13, 2006

Adam and the Ants hey?
Hmmm, next up…. The Alarm!! :o)

2. Tim Keeble - June 13, 2006

I am that boy!

3. stagedive - June 13, 2006

No way!!! Good to hear from you, all be it those brief 4 words. From the looks of the My Space entries you are a successful author of depraved fiction .. long may it last ..

4. bundley - June 24, 2006

this is awesome. http://www.aindiana.com

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