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Snob Value .. May 10, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

Morrisons smells. Not the most profound statement I am likely to utter, but it does, at least the branch that I went into does.. some context ..

I was filling up my car with petrol at the weekend and had the misfortune of the guy in front of me reversing a little too far than he, or I, would have liked .. crunch .. another new bumper please. He was a kindly gent too, of pensionable age & I really wanted to tell him that everything would be alright, buy him a cup of tea and listen to his war stories, but that millisecond passed and I could see the £100s it would take to fix my car. Insurance details swapped, we went on our way .. 

Yesterday I visited the Car Body Shop to get an estimate (£600 for a couple of small scratches and a new light – that's 5 times what my first car cost to buy) and as I needed a loaf of bread and some coffee, thought I would call at the supermarket nearby .. enter Morrisons ..

I was in a reasonably nice area of town, not the worst, not the best, but reasonable all the same & although I hadn't ever experienced Morrisons, the big brand aesthetic must result in a decent cup of coffee and a loaf of cranberry bread.

Everyone has an element of snobbery about them, even the most staunch working class, inner values end up in gossip over the garden fence about what Mrs Miggins at number 7 was wearing to the social club on Saturday night. I include me in that – can't believe she thinks a boob tube is appropriate at her age! I digress .. Morrisons smells .. the decor was drab, the air a mix of old fruit packaging and cheap air freshner .. I didn't want to be there ..

I whisked round in a slightly accelerated manner, trying not to adopt too many chav mannerisms and smiling politely whenever I could. The clienetelle seemed nice enough.

I got to the counter and the overly buxom cashier greeted my 'hello' with a grunt. Nice. She looked like a Beryl Cook painting albeit without the humour, and with the addition of scent – I was reminded of Elaine Chasein the Campari advert of the 70's in a where are they now kind of way .. not the best Customer Service .. £11 for a loaf of bread and a couple of bags of coffee – I thought this was supposed to be cheap.

I can't say I will be returning very quickly.



1. Donna - May 10, 2006

First of all, I know there is no number 7. Secondly, was Julie really wearing a boob tube?

2. stagedive - May 10, 2006

lol .. it would be unprofessional of me to comment .. all names and associations are entirely fictional!

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