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Help – age Profile .. May 10, 2006

Posted by stagedive in Idle Thoughts.

An e-mail floated about my work yesterday (a large Corporate formerly under Government control) reagrding the age profile of the Company .. It came as some surprise of the % of people in the company very close to retirement age and the lack of numbers under 40 .. I used to say under 30, but the situation has shifted since I last looked. Over 60% of the Company (100,000 plus) are over 40! Less than 10% are under 30!

With all the news of companies taking a look at the pension pot and laughing heartily, I can't help thinking that by the time I get to that ripe old age, I will be sucking on the short straw. It also goes some way to explain why most of the poeple I get to meet up with are 45, bald and slightly overweight .. so where are all the young hip things working these days? In theory the company that I work for is 'cutting edge' and on the front wave of technology, but in reality, we are just like a middle aged Dad wearing a bling bling medallion and spouting 'wicked' to every new idea that comes our way .. safe, people.. safe ..



1. harriet - May 10, 2006

I work in the adult learning sector for a local authority and recently at a national meeting they discussed this very same thing – looking round the room they were actually a little concerned that everyone appeared to be at least in their last decade of work. Concerned about where the replacement managers were (personally I think they’ve been hanging on too long and not giving us a chance).

2. stagedive - May 12, 2006

It certainly reminds me of my parents saying ‘make sure you have a pension’, little did they know that by the time I get there people will be giving alternate advice and stating the death of a generation ..

Hope your local authority sticks to their word – you can trust the Government, right?

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