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I love ballet .. May 30, 2006

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It was party time on Saturday night. A 40th birthday no less for my mates girlfriend, in their rather plush mansion in the country with a fish and chip van in the back garden for catering .. top that!

The theme was 'pink', so my 'I love ballet' pink peak cap, nail varnish and pink hair spray should have gone down a treat, but .. everyone else played the safe card and wore a shirt/dress/t-shirt/body warmer in a shade of pink as opposed to over doing it and looking stupid like me .. but I was comfortable with my decision..

It was a very good party too. A fair few family members played their part, including Uncle Melvyn and his mad-cap antics on the dance floor providing entertaining chat and laughs all evening.

The late night just got later and later though, and big thanks to Mr Ely the designated driver taking us home .. I'd hate to have to communicate with a drunken version of me as all I can do is be giggly & amorous, poor bloke had a three of us all in a similar state too, he must have some brownie points with karma by now..

I vaguely remember my last trip to the bathroom and seeing broad daylight and hearing the morning birds singing at me. Suffice to say, Sunday was a full on hangover from the Planet Feellikecrap..

Happy Birthday Jane.


Read on .. some more .. May 25, 2006

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Damn my forgetful mind .. I had three good points of trivia to blog and the third one slipped my mind earlier, so I added the footy thing in for good measure .. whilst discussing life at rehearsal tonight, it came to me .. the best trivia of all – that even had the drummer looking stunned! I heard it on the news this morning in a haze of a.m.ness ..

Pope Ratzinger is a former member of the Hitler Youth!

I couldn't quite believe it when I heard it. I am not of religious persuasion, and I know all things can be forgiven, but surely there is a conflict of interest going on there. I just Googled Pope Hitler and I'm obviously behind the times, if you pardon the pun, as it was in the UK papers last year.

Read on .. May 25, 2006

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I have been surprising myself with the amount of useless trivia I can learn of late, but there are few snippets that would nearly make pub talk ..

  • Mick Jones (Clash guitarist – you are my gee-tar hero bloke) had a long term relationship with Wendy James (Transvision Vamp) in the 90s. I may have been hidden under a stone (is it just me?), but I was really surprised by this, Mick may be iconic and gifted, but Wendy was the pin up of my student generation and I hardly think it fair for him to take all that away without telling anyone.
  • Ozzy’s wife Sharon’s Dad was Don Arden (not Lou Adler, thanks Wast!), the manager of the Small Faces, Sabbath and ELO .. and best of all, the two fell out big time when she set herself up to manage his solo career and married him, & at one point she tried to run him over in her car. Hardly surprising then that the antics that followed on their TV show were near jaw dropping.

Jump May 25, 2006

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jumpSome great/amusing pics, Darth Vadar reading the dictionary got me giggling .. mostly advertising related at this russian site. Spotted whilst blog browsing via Jo Gray ..

In the groove .. May 24, 2006

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Not the poor early 90s Dylan album, but a throwaway comment I made the other day when Michaela asked what I 'thought I was doing' by jigging along to some faux-indie rock on the car radio .. "I'm getting in the groove" I replied with a grin .. it was a term I have used on many occasions to mock ones lack of rhythm and souless white boy credentials ..

Michaela collapsed in a fit of laughter, "in the groove" she repeated with a snide like snigger, and continued to berate me for a full 10 minutes or more .. "who turned you into a gangster rapper" .. well no one actually, but I didn't think "In the Groove" was an equal to calling everyone 'bruther' or thinking everything acceptable is 'safe' .. suffice to say, she did ..

I can handle it .. I responded with a question as why she thinks everything is 'random' .. Now everything plainly isn't random, but 'random' must be the word of the moment, as Michaela and her circle of buddies seem to have picked this one up and substituted it for anything from 'bizarre', 'unusual', 'surprising', 'dissapointing' to just using it as a single word response when 'no' would suffice .. my retort didn't last the full 10 minutes, but it was perfectly executed & if the line judge had made a ruling, I think he would have favoured my good self ..

15 love

Sweet Money Maker .. May 23, 2006

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I sense that the seller is misguided as I have a couple of boxes of these under my bed that I probably couldn't even give away, let alone get £20 each .. ho hum ..

La dispute c’est fini May 22, 2006

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I had my ipod on random in the gym the other day and it spun up the Yann Tiersen Soundtrack to Amelie .. it got me thinking of the opening credits where Amelie's parents define what is 'special to them' .. I created my own, for no other reason than I was on the Cross Trainer for 30 minutes and the music I was listening to was Instrumental .. so .. Stagedive likes ..

  • Inhaling the steam from the kettle when it boils (parental advisory) 
  • Gazing at the blue tiles at the bottom of the swimming pool (ahem .. they pass quickly)
  • The smell of 'old school' printers Ink.
  • Grinding Coffee Beans by hand.
  • Putting the needle on the record.
  • The smell of New guitar strings.
  • Grade 1 haircuts (receiving, not giving)

I don't think I qualify for shock treatment because of any of the above (maybe the ceramic tiles, but just pretend I didn't mention that) & it easily passed the time taken to get to the fitness finish line.

Next list please ..

Completely Pointless .. May 22, 2006

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By my reckoning on the BBC Sport World Cup Predictor, Ukraine will lose to Argentina in the final, having beaten England in the Semis .. I'm having a laugh right! Well probably, I have a proven track record of being completely useless at sporting predictions. It may be the main reason for saving me from a life of gambling and drug addiction though, so shouldn't be too sad ..

Documented it here first though, so when it happens, you'll all be amazed, and posting stunned comments at how ball gazing I have been ..

Chewing out a rhythm on my bubblegum May 21, 2006

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Two films for two occasions over the weekend. I watched March of the Penguins with my kids on Saturday night, with the best popcorn money can buy. I hadn't grasped the fact that the film was a National Geographic production having only seen the trailer berfore. It is a great film that has some incredibly emotional moments and some amazing photography. It was also really pleasurable to watch a film that both myself and children (and the next door neighbours) enjoyed that didn't involve fighting, swear words and car chases <that being their preference, not mine, I hasten to add in an ageing parental, Mary Whitehouse kinda tone>.. although having said that I wouldn't know a Penguin swear word even if I had the phrase book.

The second movie was punk rock indulgence. The Ramones – The True Story was a little short on deep insight, and also only catered for the first six or seven years of their career, but the subject matter is great entertainment regardless – I was wondering why only Tommy was interviewed from the band themselves, but then figured it might be because the rest are dead .. doh .. figures .. but the majority of the film was dedicated to Tour Manager and Art Director respectively, and whilst they had a tale to tell, it was hardly going to tell more than a casual flick through a text book.. The live footage was ok, but they over used a picture in picture format that didn't aid the viewing experience & must have only benefitted from making the grainy quality, less so in the smaller box .. I don't mind the grain, give me full screen please .. I have the End of the Century DVD on order, so hope that that will be a little more fulfilling .. Gabba Gabba Hey ..

Corsa craziness .. May 19, 2006

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I have had a hire car for 3 days and driven a total of 4.7 miles in it. Aren't I the eco-warrior.. My car was being fixed after being crumpled by the man at the filling station & they sent, at my request, a Corsa .. I am not much of a 'car' person, as is proven by the fact that the car that I wanted most to try out was a Corsa .. enough said .. it was good fun though, a bit like a spongey sofa come go kart (I can see a career on Top Gear coming on), but perhaps 4.7 miles isn't the best trial period.. It can however out 'Top Trump' nearly every other car in the cup holders category, as is proven at a recent band reheasral when compared to the Audi TTs paltry zero.

No, the real reson for lack of car use is the summer weather and the joy of Vespa .. Mmmmm .. who needs a car .. ahh well me actually, as the kids refuse point blank for me to get a side car attached to the scoot .. Mr Trent will be pleased to hear that I even did my weekly shop on two wheels this week, and took full use of the 'bag clip' that Mr Piaggio kindly introduced for such occasions – you don't get one of them on a 1000cc mega zombie grunt machine now do you!

Took a trip to the Cinema last night. It was one of those 'there must be something decent to watch' moments that deflated on impact. The choice was pretty poor, being an Audrey fan I would love to see Da Vinci in an edited guise of just the parts she is in* .. but thats unlikely to happen and it really does look like an awful film..

* actually that is very likely to happen but I just daren't do the necessary www search for fear of where it might take me.

A British Comedy is usually always a fairly safe bet, and with a contemporary cast of sit-com characters, Confetti was where it was at for us ..

In truth it was a good choice. The plot; a wedding magazine competition for the most original wedding. The cast was great and it was like watching an episode of Green Wing and Spaced merged into one. Some great one liners with Stephen Mangan, aka Guy Secretan, stealing most of them. Mark Heap was great just because he is Alan Statham in Green Wing and its hard to think of him as anyone else .. Not the best film in the whole world ever, but a very agreeable diversion & thankfully, no codes to crack ..